Anyone who has at least 2 years of competency, 23 years of age, everyone can rent a car.

The minimum rental period is 24 hours for daily rentals and 30 days for monthly rentals. Daily and monthly mileage limits vary according to vehicle group per rental. If the mileage limit is exceeded, 0.40 cents per kilometer is charged. You can get information from our reservation line.
Special rates are available for rentings of at least 30 days. Please contact our reservation line on +90 544 244 33 97 for long-term rental special prices.
- All prices include Exemption Accident Insurance (CDW). Exempt accident insurance covers accidental damage. If the insurance conditions are fulfilled, the damages of the collision damage are compensated by the tenant for the portion of the amount that varies according to the vehicle group. This fuse does not cover non-collision damage (tire, glass, headlight) damage.
- My prices include VAT.
In the following cases the insurance will be invalid and the damage will be excluded:
- Disclosure of the vehicle on the lease contract to someone other than the registered ones,
- Use of the vehicle outside of normal operating conditions (use of the vehicle with high engine temperatures, bad road conditions or walking on punctured tires, improper fuel filling, etc.)
- Use of the vehicle outside the traffic rules (exceeding legal speed limits, passing on red light and other similar violations), - Use of the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
- A cargo carried in the vehicle causes damage or accidents,
- Use of the vehicle carelessly and without precautions (in case of rainy weather, no speed adjustment according to the road conditions, no monitoring of the vehicle ahead of the safety distance at least and other similar uses)
- In case of an accident that occurred in the square, the customer is not informed of the telephone numbers to be given, the vehicle is left at the accident site (except when there is a preventive situation determined by the doctor's report)
- Failure to obtain necessary reports (traffic and alcohol report) within 24 hours from the relevant authorities in a traffic accident,
- The original key can not be delivered if the car is stolen.
- Not being approved and not being delivered to the vehicle despite the expiry of the lease term,
- damage to the vehicle or the other side due to the loads carried in the vehicle,
- Damage caused by rubber, glass or fuse is not included in the Exemption Accident Insurance. This insurance can be purchased separately. - The amount of the pecuniary damages arising from the damage given to the third parties is covered by the compulsory financial liability insurance. The customer is responsible for the amounts outside the margin.
- The total amount of the rent is taken in advance at the beginning of the contract.
- Our leasing customers are required to submit a credit card with a validity period of at least 3 months during the lease period. This credit card can be blocked with a pre-provision of at least 1000 EURO depending on the group of the vehicle they rent.
Additionally, for our local rental customers, the Findeks score is checked. Our customers with at least 1650 points can receive a car.
- Complete Accident Insurance (Complete Cover)
In the event of an accident, the tenant responsible for the varying amounts of rented vehicle group will abstain from responsibility. (daily)
- Tire, Glass, Far Fuse (TWH) (daily)
- Senior Driver Mandatory for Rentals over 60+ Years.
- Young Driver Ages 18-24 are required to rent.

- HGS (Service Charge + Usage Fee)
Our vehicles must be delivered at the fuel level they received. In case of incomplete delivery, the fuel will be collected from the lessee for each level.
- Navigation (daily) - Baby Seat (daily) - Booster (daily)
- Additional Driver (for each driver - daily) - Wifi (daily) -Tablet + Wifi (daily) -
 Phone and Ready card
 (Only for foreign passport customers per rental)
Deliveries up to 10 kilometers are free in the district centers where Express Car Rental offices are located. You can get information from our booking center for our check-in and drop-off rates.
 The rental price and the booking confirmation given are based on the conditions initially agreed. Such a request may not be met in cases where a change that may be requested under these conditions is not possible to meet operationally (such as vehicle reservation, maintenance mileage, etc.). Even if the amendment is accepted, this may be an additional charge as it will change the calculation of the price initially set. A change in any of the following conditions may change the terms of the lease. The request for extension of the rental period is taken by phone in the first extension and charged and collected by a mail order. Extend later

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